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2024 Merger Announcement

  • Brooklynphono announces that it has combined forces with Physical Music Products. The merger will allow both companies’ existing clients to continue receiving high-quality vinyl, adding the advantage of additional production bandwidth, new intricate record aesthetics, and superior audio mastering capabilities.
  •  2024 marks the beginning of a new era for our united companies.
  •  Amalgamating companies, bringing record production together under one corporate entity, Physical Music Products.
  •  Building upon our strengths: Brooklynphono’s Thomas Bernich brings 25 years of vinyl manufacturing experience in efficiency, engineering, and innovation, amplified by Piper Payne’s extensive experience in all aspects of mastering, lacquer cutting, and vinyl quality control practices. Josh Thomas brings a legacy in music and manufacturing that rounds out the team at the helm of this operation.
  •  Physical Music Products is poised to be North America’s most coherent record pressing facility, continuing the fastest turnaround times with the benchmark quality standards to serve the entire music community.
  •  We are committed to providing the best product on the market and look forward to manifesting the ethereal into the tangible: an excellent vinyl record.

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